Komori GL 837 P HUV Advance (2021)

Ref. # 100301

BandAge: 2021

BandMax.Size: 94 x 64 cm (37 x 25 inch)

BandColors: 8

BandCounter: 17 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Komori GL 837 P HUV Advance

Komori GL 837 P AdvanceBand8-4/4
Year of manufactured 2021
Printing speed max 15000/h
MaxBandsheet size : 640x940
MinBandsheet size : 297x420
MaxBandprinting area : 620x930
Plate size : 700x945
A-APC, PDC-SX, Ink key simultaneous, KHS-AI *self learning function *self diagnosis *Plate register preset
PQC-S, Smart sequence, High speed start up, Self diagnosis
Manual nonstop feeder, Feeder anti static side blower, Feeder pile sideway control, Additional blower in front of sucker, Suction side lay guide,
Side lay guide fine adjustment remote control, Pit less skid loader, Suction tape feeder, Anti static at feeder/Ionizing blower foot,
Feeder side blower, Feeder board over shoot stopper, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Register detection/2 step detection,
Transfer cylinder cocking remote control,
Anti rust treatment for all cylinders, Automatic blanket cleaner, Perfecting device, Automatic impression cylinder cleaner.
Ink doctor interval adjustment, Motorized ink fountain roller, Ink roller nip following, Ink oscillation timing manual adjustment, Automatic ink roller cleaner with twin nozzle,
Ink roller temperature control circulator/local supply, Inker dampener declutch all printing units.
Komorimatic, Oscillating rider roller on dampening from r from roller/under dampening roller, Ink washing tray pneumatic on/off, Refrigerated water circulator,
Dampening from roller speed gear declutch.
Sheet decurler, Anti-static, Additional Anti-static bar at delivery, Delivery pile flat plate, Delivery sheet anti deviation device, Delivery pile upper temporary stop sensor,
Powder spray, PQC integration.
Preset device
Paper size preset package, Sucker head preset, Slow down preset, Side lay guide preset, Delivery side jogger preset, Ink keys simultaneous preset, Paper thickness preset.
H-UV system
UV proof oil seals, Bridge roller, Inker doctor blade, Automatic blanket cleaner / UV prepack, Automatic ink roller cleaner with twin nozzles, H-UV system
/delivery goose Check, Ink fountain tray cover, Electrical signal and mechanical parts arrangement, PQC-S integration for H-UV system.
Complete with standard accessories, with some spare parts.

Price: On Request

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