KBA Genius 52-5 UV (2007)

Ref. # 109841

BandAge: 2007

BandMax.Size: 52 x 37 cm (20 x 14 inch)

BandColors: 5

BandCounter: 12 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

KBA Genius 52-5 UV

KBA Genius 52 5 UV
- Year of production: 2009-
counter  only 12 milion
Includes extra UV dryer (3-rd party) and Toray dry offset plate processor.Printed UV on 
Technical data:- Format Min: 180 x 150 mm- Format Max: 520 x 360mm- Thickness: 60 till 350 g/m2- Thickniss mm.: 0,06 till 0,4 mm- Speed : 8.000 sheets/h- Printing plate Format: 404 x 540 mm x 0,3 mm Dryoffset- Total L x W x H 2.300 x 3.900 x 1.900 mm 4200Kg- Power 400V 22 kW (inklBandtemperirung) 63Amp Fuse
Description:- Automatic circumferential and sidelay register for plate cylinder- One-man operation via touch-screen console- Print Job Manager- Quadruple-size central impression cylinder - No sheet transfer- Ghosting-free inking units- Remotely adjustable sidelays- High performance stream feeder- Double sheet Sensor- Fully automatic plate change- Vacuum sheet brake and sheet jogger in delivery- Automatic blanket washing device- Ink temperature control- Plate temperature control- Keyless inking system- Air blower
Online photos and videos: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNpcC2_58rZqsqjOyB0vlstAm-RHnazB9YHI3wsSN4KtKoE4D-gzyrvYE3Y1L7WDQ?key=ZVdTN0NSaFJaOThmSzVqNkEyRm9PSDdwY1A5Q3BB

Price: EUR 40,000 LOT

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