Kolbus BF 512 complete casing in line (2007)

Ref. # 113286

BandAge: 2007

BandMax.Size: 32 x 29 cm (12 x 11 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Kolbus BF 512 complete casing in line

Kolbus Bf 512 Compleate hard cover book production line
year 2007
Co-pilot system with touch screen monitor
Automatic settings
Control console
KOLBUS Stand-alone pre-heating device Type HB 530
Starfeeder Block position detection device
Automatic block thickness control
Rounding and backing station
Excluding gauzing station
Book mark glueing device
Head and tail banding station
Case prestacking conveyor
Pressing station
Case magazine - Case bending station - Case forming station
ROBATECH Hotmelt nozzle glueing system
Glue circulation pump
Book forming and pressing machine (integrated) with book forming station with pressing station with delivery station
Sigloch BBL 31-1Book block gluing and lining machine with endsheet tipping station Year 2008
Size maxBand400 x 300 mm
Size minBand 100 x 100 mm
Thickness maxBand80 mm - minBand3 mm
Speed maxBand30 cycles/min
Equipment: Book infeed
Endsheet tipping station
Hotmelt spine gluing with premelter
Cold glue side gluing
Lining station with integrated cutting knife
KOLBUS HD 130 - Trimmer Year 2002
Size maxBand 430 x 300 mm
Size minBand 80 x 50 mm
Speed maxBand2700 cycles/h
Automatic infeed

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