Horizon BQ 470 Pur (2011)

Ref. # 113425

BandAge: 2011

BandMax.Size: 42 x 32 cm (16 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Horizon BQ 470 Pur

Horizon Bq 470 PUR
year 2011
Nordson Dura drum Pur unloader and Nordson EV 48 Pur nozzle head
Nordson nozzles with problu melter forsidegluing
Fully Automated 4-Clamp Perfect Binder
Counter: 3 mil books
BandBook size: Max 320x320 mm - Min 145x105 mm
BandCover size: Max 320x660 mm - Min 135x225 mm
BandBook Thickness : 0,3 to 65 mm
BandMilling depth adjustment from 0 to 4 mm
BandSpeed: 1,350 books per hour
Equipped with:
BandPalmer for automatic books adjustment
BandPUR Gluing system
BandColor Touchscreen panel
BandBook Thickness Input Caliper SI-470A
BandCover Feeder Suction
BandSupersonic Double Feed Detect Sensor
Band4 Clamps
BandGlue Tank Unit
BandLateral side Glue
BandDelivery Conveyor Horizon SI-470A
BandSmoke Extractor
BandIncluding: Tools, Manuals and Accessori

Price: EUR 43,000 LOT

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