Muller Martini Corona C18 perfect binding line (2004)

Ref. # 114848

BandAge: 2004

BandMax.Size: 45 x 32 cm (17 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Muller Martini Corona C18 perfect binding line

Muller Martini C/18 Perfect Binding Line
year 2004
Gatherer Muller Martini model 3691 18 stations
Muller Martini Reverse feeders- 4
Muller Martini Tip on unit-1
Dummy Cover-1

Muller stream feeders model 3738 -7
One Manual feeding station
One Reject gate
One Intermediate elements
OneTransfer into the binder
ASIR Sig Recognition system
Muller martini Corona binder with 41 clamps
Two pressing stations
Two Nipping stations
Drum cover feeder
Roughening station
Spine Preparation Station
Two Pre-melters
Two Hot-melt spine glue pot
(1) Side glue pot
Set of cool down conveyors
Spine Preparation Station
Laydown Delivery
Conveyor System
Muller Martini Zenith S 3672 trimmer
Muller Martini CB 16 stacker with counting
Muller Martini Bi-liner Inserting station

Price: EUR 370,000 LOT

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