KolbusPublica KM 412 C (2008)

Ref. # 115256

BandAge: 2008

BandMax.Size: 42 x 32 cm (16 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

KolbusPublica KM 412 C

Kolbus Publica 412 C Perfect binding line
speed 14000 books per hour
Counter Only 1,4mil Mil
6 x STA 840 stream feeders with log extensions
15 station gatherer ZU841.C toploading feeders, with 2 hand feeders
De-cluching of each station possible
Optic signature recognition system
‘Cascade’ control for automatic starting and finishing of a complete book
‘ATC’ Automatic thickness control for mis/double feed detection
AS 841 reject station for over or incomplete books with length & width monitoring
Raceway/transfer with vibrate unit
Publica binder type KM412.C - 24 clamps with ‘Co-Pilot’ touch screen pre-set
Milling/brushing, equalizing milling, ‘Micro’ notching & brushing units
Gluing system
LH 375.C floor standing EVA hotmelt premelt unit
PUR spine gluing system “Nordson”
EVA hot-melt spine glue tank with cam-controlled cut-off
Hot-melt spine glue application
Hot-melt side glue unit
I.RBandheating in radius for increased glue open time
SAL-412.C stream cover feeder with scoring
Cover nipping and pressing station
2nd nipping and pressing station
Delivery system with lay-down device and reject station
Amba Flex XA-660 tower conveyor system
Kolbus HD 153.P pile trimmer with ‘Co-Pilot’
Rima/Kolbus XKL compensating stacker
Becker ‘Air Center’ vacuum unit

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