Kolbus KM 600 perfect binding line (2016)

Ref. # 115445

BandAge: 2016

BandMax.Size: 42 x 32 cm (16 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Kolbus KM 600 perfect binding line

Kolbus KM 600 perfect binding line
year 2016
Kolbus KM 600 with Co-Pilot
27 mioBandbooks

Gatherer 16 station ZU805 gatherer for folded sections and single sheets
Mechanical & electrical de-coupling of each station possible
Raceway/transfer with vibrate unit
Ratiobinder KM 600 - 21 clamps with Co-pilot touchscreen & Kolbus 360
TFT visualizing monitors with graphic operator guidance.
Milling/brushing, equalizing milling, notching & brushing units
Kolbus LH370 EVA hot-melt pre-melt unit
EVA hot-melt roller type spine gluing unit on mobile base
PUR sine glue
EVA hot-melt side glue unit with controlled cut-off
I.RBandheating in radius for increased glue open time
RA 49.A pile cover feeder with nipping
Additional roller pressing station
Inclined delivery to lay-down device
XFA660 spiral tower & flat conveyor system (details on request) to;
Check weigh quality control unit ;
Kolbus HD143.P pile trimmer with ‘Co-Pilot’ pre-setting
Kolbus KL 301 Compensating book stacker delivery.
Including many spares, tools & manuals.
Book size, Max: 383 x 320 mm
Max: 460 x 190 mm
Min: 105 x 100 mm
Book thickness : 3 -- 60 mm
Mechanical speed, Max: 7,000 cycles/hr.

Available Immediately, still in production, can be tested

Price: EUR 450,000 LOT

Please leave us message and we will get back to you soon.

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