Muller Martini 300 (1987)

Ref. # 12788

BandAge: 1987

BandMax.Size: 50 x 31 cm (19 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Muller Martini 300

saddle stcher muller martini 300 for sale.

7 x 279 gatherer stations one manual
- 1 x 300 stitcher unit, Optic control for disalligned signitures
plus/minus sheet control on first mechanically
2 stiching heads HK 75
wire control for missing wire
- 1 x 251 trimmer
- vacuum compressor, spare parts, manuals
Central lubrication with pumps.
Speed up to 14000 sig/h
The speed control was changed with
Siemens Simoreg invertor for main motor for adgusting the speed
11KW main motor and 6 KW compressor pumps
In production Test possible.
all manuals spare part books
Online photos:

Price: EUR 3,000 LOT

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