TL780 Automatic Foil Stamping (2016)

Ref. # 24312

BandAge: 2016

BandMax.Size: 78 x 56 cm (30 x 22 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

TL780 Automatic Foil Stamping

TCertification(s): CE, ISO9001

1BandThe TL780 Automatic Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine is designed for the Hot Stamping, Die Cutting, Pressing Convex and Creasing etc technics, its suitable for paper, cardboard, plastic film and so
OnBandIt can finish feeding, die cutting, collecting work cycle automatically.

2BandThe machine is composed of four parts: Main motor, hot stamping, auto feeder and electric equipBandThe motor's main transmission is by bend shaft structure driving the platen running up and down, plus the pressure adjusting structure, coordinate to finish hot stamping or die cutting job.

3BandThe electrical parts are composed of main motor control, feeder/collect control and foil feeder control and so onBandThe whole machine is controlled by micro processor.

4BandThe machine is equipped with the automatic lubrication system
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Price: EUR 51,500 CFR

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