Horauf BDM 60 (1997)

Ref. # 37971

BandAge: 1997

BandMax.Size: 66 x 36 cm (25 x 14 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Horauf BDM 60

Horauf BDM 60 case-maker

Fully automatic machine for production of:
book covers, with hard and flexible spine,cases for files, calendars.
Fully automatic computer aided make-ready
Internet connection for remote diagnostic
Pre pile belt
In-line original Hörauf board cutter
Flexible spine unit
Board feeder - non Stop feeder
Lower able gluing unit
Gluing and pressing station
Transport system with servo Motors and suction device
Head- and Tail folding station with corner tucking station
Side folding
2nd pressing station (two pressing roll) and delivery
Counter stacker with return belt
Vacuum pump
Glue viscosity unit control
Three pieces cases (quarter bound)
Size range:
MinBand130 x 190 mm
MaxBand365 x 660 mm
One-piece cases
Inside lining equipment

Price: EUR 32,000 LOT

This machine has been SOLD

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