McCain Brehmer ST 1000 (1995)

Ref. # 38069

BandAge: 1995

BandMax.Size: 48 x 32 cm (18 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

McCain Brehmer ST 1000

Saddle stitcher MC CAIN BREHMER S1000 of 1995 for sale
6 Horizontal feeders (manual setting)
Cover feeder
stitcher with 2 universal stapling heads HÖHNER 52/8
three-knife trimmer
output dual band
central control panel (programmable memory controller), PLC
Drive system controlled by frequency invertors
thickness control
Mechanical speed: maxBand10,000 cycles / h.
max formatBandNon-trimmed : 480x320 mm / trimmed: 465x300 mm
Format MinBandNon-trimmed: 155x105 mm / trimmed : 148x100 mm
stapling up to 6mm thick
minimum distance between staples 52 mm for stapling thickness of 0-2 mm
Full documentations.
Online photos :

Price: On Request

This machine has been SOLD

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