Kolbus Da 270 (2011)

Ref. # 74047

BandAge: 2011

BandMax.Size: 66 x 39 cm (25 x 15 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Kolbus Da 270

KOLBUS DA 270 Casemaker.
Year 2011
Production of hardcover books, filing cabinets and table games.
Automatic measurement setting system.
Carton feeding tape.
Automatic cardboard feeder.
Cardboard cut from 1 to 3 pieces for square loin.
Double roll holder with automatic feeding and cutting to make covers with round loin.
Liner feeder.
Gluing unit with pre-heated gelatin tank.
Check the viscosity of the glue with viscometer and pump for water control.
Roller press.
Roll tape output with counterBandExit to the right with possibility to left.

Price: EUR 160,000 LOT

This machine has been SOLD

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